Welcome to Fold and Fray, a slow fashion shop.

Fold and Fray is a carefully curated online store, selling gently-used modern and vintage apparel, footwear, accessories and home goods. The garments we carry are comfortable basics in classic styles. We prioritize natural and plant-based fibers such as linen, cotton and wool; and avoid plastic synthetics such as polyester, nylon and acrylic. Fold and Fray stocks items for all seasons year-round, delivered washed, clean and ready-to-wear. We do not use gender or size to organize or identify items, and we ship plastic-free, using 100% recycled materials. 

One of the most environmentally conscious ways to shop is to buy secondhand. However there can be obstacles that get in the way of this. Fold and Fray is a service that does the sourcing, cleaning and restoration; delivering a like-new product in sustainable packaging. We use a Measurement & Fit system to bring consistency to the process of shopping for used goods online. It eliminates the need to use brand, label size or gender.

Part of our sustainability philosophy is the view that material objects, including clothing, should not be treated as single-use items. We believe that buying less and choosing better, reduces our long-term consumption and environmental impact. Fold and Fray does minor repairs on select items to keep them within the circular economy, and we work with local repair businesses when needed. Environmental responsibility is at the core of all decision making at Fold and Fray in effort to extend the life cycle of high quality goods. Visit “Repair & Restoration” in FAQ for more details.

Fold and Fray was created to address the plastic pollution crisis. The focus is specifically on plastic pollution that is a consequence of the Fast Fashion industry. We avoid selling plastic textile goods for this reason. Our store provides an alternative way to shop that does not directly contribute to microfiber pollution, textile waste or patterns of unsustainable consumption. Guided by a zero waste philosophy, and the intention to make used shopping streamlined and reliable, Fold and Fray is a service, bringing high-quality used goods directly to you. 

Visit FAQ for more detailed information.

Fold and Fray is owned and operated out of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, by Leah Williams.